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Thomas Tafoya Closes 2022 With Employee of the Quarter Win!!

In a race that was never really close, Thomas Tafoya was crowned the 4th Quarter recipient of the Employee of the Quarter Award.  The award is solely voted on by GavinHeath employees who select their peers for the honor.

The Dream Team nominated Thomas to receive the prestigious honor!  Here are just some of the wonderful comments Thomas’ peers wrote about him.

Thomas is a true leader! His motivated, positive, jovial, uplifting & silly attitude is infectious and makes coming to work super enjoyable. He is always checking in with everyone and uplifting the energy anywhere he is.

Thomas continues to make everyone on the team feel welcome. He is the hype man in the mornings and always holds space for anyone who has an issue they would like to discuss.

Whenever Thomas is around, he never fails to brighten my day. You can sometimes take for granted everything he does but it is always noticeable when he is not around. The office just wouldn't be the same without him.

Thomas brings energy and positivity to the office day in and out. He is a pleasure to be around and works his tail off to ensure that we are on the same page.

I am voting for Thomas because he has always made me laugh, feel valued, and empowered me to be myself.

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