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A Woman-Owned Business with a Heart for Excellent Service

GavinHeath's Story

Gavin Heath Whitrock

1966 - 2013

GavinHeath was founded by Holly Fanáh Whitrock Steele, along with her brother, Eric Whitrock, with a mission to provide unparalleled and inclusive staffing solutions, connecting people, businesses and communities, while equally fulfilling the diverse needs of our customers.

The name GavinHeath is of special significance to the firm as it memorializes the loss of the sibling’s brother, Gavin Heath Whitrock, as he passed away from a rare and aggressive form of cancer in Late 2013 at the young age of 46. Though the loss was sudden and devastating, Gavin's passing illustrated the most important aspects of life and taught the family to live each day to its absolute fullest.

That notion sparked a strong desire for the siblings to do something great together, and celebrate Gavin for the man he was: honest, loyal, compassionate, generous and strong.  These characteristics have become the pillars of how our firm conducts business.  

The family's background in IT, healthcare, finance, recruiting, and entrepreneurship gave inspiration to start GavinHeath, a staffing solutions partner.  We are proud to serve our clients and guarantee to always do so in an ethical, diligent and respectful manner.  

In honor of Gavin Heath Whitrock, we are proud to donate a portion of our proceeds to local charities, strengthening the communities we serve.

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Our Family Business


Together, Holly Steele and her husband, Dan Steele have put their heart and soul into growing GavinHeath into the amazing company it is today. Through collaboration, partnership, and perseverance, Holly and Dan have built the most exceptional team to date. The Sales Team has 30 years’ combined experience in Staffing and the Recruiting Team with 27 years’ combined experience in Recruiting!

To demonstrate their gratitude, they give their corporate team members the opportunity to share in the proceeds of their dedication and hard work through a profit sharing plan! 


“We are all building this together and together we will reap the rewards for our fortitude through hard times, striving every day to make sure we provide unsurpassed service to our Clients and Contractors, as well as giving back to our community. Our team has a unified vision… we all respect and cherish one another and that is incredibly hard to find!” ~Holly Steele

Holly Steele CEO and Dan Steele COO
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We practice what we preach!


At GavinHeath, we conduct ourselves with unwavering integrity, prioritizing honesty, fairness, and respect in every endeavor.


Here is how we define Integrity at GavinHeath:
•    Upholding moral principles and ethical standards
•    Treating everyone with dignity and fairness
•    Making decisions guided by integrity and honesty


At GavinHeath, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability, ensuring transparency, reliability, and integrity in all our interactions.


Here is how we define Accountability at GavinHeath:
•    Taking ownership of our actions and decisions
•    Delivering on promises and commitments
•    Learning from mistakes and continuously improving


At GavinHeath, we embody tenacity, displaying unwavering determination, drive, and persistence in pursuit of our goals and objectives.


Here is how we define Tenacity at GavinHeath:
•    Demonstrating relentless dedication to achieving success
•    Going above and beyond to overcome obstacles and challenges
•    Maintaining focus and drive in the face of adversity


At GavinHeath, we embrace hospitality, ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of our clients and candidates through dedication, empathy, and excellence.


Here is how we define Hospitality at GavinHeath:
•    Placing the needs of others first by genuinely listening to their desires and concerns
•    Delivering exceptional service and support with warmth and attentiveness
•    Contributing positively to our communities through service and philanthropy, enriching the lives of those we interact with.


At GavinHeath, we embrace a positive mental attitude, fostering optimism, resilience, and a can-do spirit in everything we do.

Here is how we define Positivity at GavinHeath:
•    Maintaining optimism and enthusiasm, even in challenging situations
•    Cultivating a growth mindset and embracing change
•    Inspiring others through positivity and encouragement

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