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Gavin Heath Whitrock Award Goes to Hannah Stephens!

Hannah Fanáh Stephens named the newest recipient of the Gavin Heath Whitrock Award!

Congratulations to Hannah Stephens, the 4th Quarter 2022 recipient of the Gavin Heath Whitrock Award; demonstrating EXCEPTIONAL Integrity, Ethical Character, Quality Service, Innovation and Teamwork!

The Gavin Heath Whitrock award is designed to recognize employee engagement and celebrate day-to-day performance that exemplifies GavinHeath’s core values. Our core values drive virtually everything we do at GavinHeath; the way we work, the way we collaborate, the way we serve our clients and are essential to building the company culture.

Everything Hannah does daily at GavinHeath is in the furtherance of others, to aid the team in achieving success. Hannah goes out of her way to treat all team members equitably with respect and decency regardless of their position or tenure in the company. It is obvious to everyone that Hannah has no ill intention or malice in her body.

A lot of people at GavinHeath trust Hannah as an empathetic ear, and she is someone who earns that trust by holding the information in confidence. Hannah understands that part of having high integrity means trying to model and increase the integrity of those around her; this means setting an example in trustworthiness, dependability and respect.

Way to go Hannah!!

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